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  • We opened private wellness

    We offer a pleasant atmosphere of private wellness.

    Do you need to rest, relax and recharge your life energy to the next days?

    Are you looking for comfort, peace and privacy?

  • Romance for Lovers

    Do you want to surprise your partner with anything really exceptional? Let us prepare the room in a romantic style with lighting candles before you enter the room. More information about additional services here.

  • First Welcome gift

    All guests receive a small gift which is a product of sheltered workshops Domov or Tulipan. Staying by us you indirectly support the work of sheltered workshops in Liberec.

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Interesting links associated with Liberec and environs

Liberec http://www.liberec.cz
The Town Information Centre Městské informační centrum Liberec

Zoological Garden http://www.zooliberec.cz
Botanical Garden http://www.botaniliberec.cz
Museum of North Bohemia http://www.muzeumlb.cz
The F.X.Šalda Theatre http://www.saldovo-divadlo.cz
The Naive Theatre http://www.naivnidivadlo.cz
Regional Gallery http://www.ogl.cz
Lidové sady http://www.lidovesadyliberec.cz
The Library http://www.kvkli.cz

Sport and fun
Swimming Pool http://www.bazen-info.cz
Dinopark http://www.dinopark.cz
Ski resort Jested http://www.skijested.cz
Jizerska 50 http://bezky.jiz50.cz
Tipsport arena http://www.tipsportarena.cz
Centrum Babylon http://www.centrumbabylon.cz
Cinema Cinestar http://www.cinestar.cz
Cinema City http://www.cinemacity.cz/Liberec

Surrounding mountains
Jizera Mountains http://www.ceske-hory.cz/jizerskehory
Bedrichov - Jizera Mountains http://www.bedrichov.cz
Lusatian Mountains and Czech Switzerland http://www.ceske-hory.cz/luzickehory
Giant Mountains http://www.ceske-hory.cz/krkonose

Surrounding castles
Sychrov http://www.zamek-sychrov.cz
Frýdlant http://www.zamek-frydlant.cz/
Lemberk http://www.zameklemberk.cz
Grabštejn http://grabstejn.mikroregion.info

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